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Legendary BBQ on Route 66 Since 1963

4418 NW 39th St, OKC

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"Jack's is about the only good barbecue joint left in OKC. You open the door and immediately that good bbq smell hits you. The ribs are good and tender without being dry. Jack's is just old fashioned bbq." -Kelly

Time honored tradition

"Everything is spotless and there's much more light than before. The barbecue is good. The ribs are always meaty and smoked so there is still a decent amount of juiciness without being fatty. The Polish sausage is much better than previous renditions." -A. Tevington

"This is a place where you can get some excellent ribs. It doesn't fall from the bone, but takes zero effort to remove from the bone, when it's like that, it's someone who knows how to bbq." -TheKeef

We have consistent good service and food

"Tender, well smoked brisket. LOVED the garlic slaw -- couldn't seem to get enough of the stuff."

- Foodie Okie


"I have been to almost every decent bbq restaurant in OKC...Jack's is hands down the best."

- Jason M.


The best BBQ restaurant around

"Had lunch at Jack's today - I hadn't been to Jack's in about 10 years until a couple weeks ago and it was GREAT! So today I went back - Today I had a sliced brisket sandwich - the food is out of this world good and very decent prices." -Dougzilla

We do barbecue to perfection

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